Manning Intermediate Administration Block

Great design starts with sound ideas

At the heart of our philosophy is the design of buildings and spaces that fit effortlessly into their environment and context. 

Our Philosophy

Manning Intermediate Exterior - Educational Building Design

Many years of practicing architecture has enabled us to hone what we believe to be the essential pillars of architecture, which underpin all of our work:  

Architecture with a purpose.

Creating meaningful, vital and inclusive social spaces. We are responsible for shaping not only a project’s program, but also its larger civic role of enabling and enriching the community.
We are responsible for designing buildings and spaces that address human needs and aspirations.

Responding to the essence of place

Our solutions evolve in response to the context that defines a place – local and regional characteristics of landscape, climate, cultural heritage, and contemporary life. 
Celebrating the unique character of each place, we create buildings that belong.

Architecture that is buildable

Architecture is not about building the impossible, it is about building what makes sense for a specific program and for a particular setting. It is about allowing the specific qualities of materials and processes of construction to inform the design.
We find elegant solutions that reflect the big picture in the details.

Building responsibly

Sustainability is a guiding principle of our work. As architects we have a responsibility to respond to the issues of energy conservation, of ecology, and of renewable materials. 
We have to use resources efficiently while we advance our clients’ goals. We always aim to preserve and harness resources and try to construct the most with the least.