Directors Steven Chambers and Marcus Stufkens

One vision... two approaches

Sharing a considered point of view, Steven and Marcus deliver their own unique brand of architectural inspiration, creativity and design…

Our Principals

Harbour View Residential Design

Stufkens + Chambers pride themselves on the creation of innovative and functional design solutions that tell a story, meet budgets and enhance rather than detract from the environment. Marcus Stufkens and Steven Chambers have built their reputations as an industry leader on providing clients with both high quality design and outstanding personal service – evidenced by numerous awards and high percentage of repeat business for their architectural practice.

As individuals, their partnership is founded on diversity and the juxtaposition of thinking they can offer the client as well as the collective practice. Not content in following one defining principle in delivering their work, each harnesses their own unique point of view.

In Stevens' case his articulated consideration explores a more soulfully creative response to the project.

His passion for design solutions ensures that innovation and fresh thinking breathe life into a client’s vision. With over 25 years industry experience, Steven firmly believes that his good grasp on both pragmatics and aesthetics ensures the difference between an ordinary project and an extra- ordinary one.

Architecture that responds to its context and creates a sense of place, reflects Steven’s sense of responsibility to our enduring built environment. Steven has been a regular guest speaker on design at National Hospitality Industry Conferences, and currently sits on the Creative Arts Advisory Panel at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, the Tauranga City Council Public Arts advisory Board, and is a committee member of the NZIABay of Plenty/Waikato Region.

Marcus’ intuitive reaction to a project produces spontaneous ideas, snapping into place with creative ease.

Marcus is one of the founding Directors of Stufkens + Chambers Architects. Marcus brings to the practice a wealth of design talent and business management ability. His strengths include an extensive portfolio of projects. Marcus puts much of his success down to having a very client focused approach, while also finding and maintaining a successful design balance.

As a commitment to achieving client needs Marcus maintains a full time involvement in all facets of the project from inception through to completion ensuring the highest level of continuity and service is provided. As well as being exceptionally motivated and proactive, Marcus believes architecture is about people.

Marcus believes it’s important to establish good working relationships generating insightful and innovative architectural responses.

Together they offer the client a unique perspective on architecture and its application in the real world. Sometimes their work requires more knowledge than any one single person possesses. This diametric relationship provides the foundation for a creativity that offers a different perspective that can lead to new insights, greater ideas, and inspired creative solutions.

Their work goes beyond replication and convention. By drawing inspiration from the location, landscape, texture and light, the work strives for clarity, logic, functionality and a sense of delight, all made tangible through a high level personal engagement and creativity.