The art of seeing

The art of seeing

"The question is not what you look at but what you see."

Henry David Thoreau

When you look at the world, what do you see? Not just talking visually, but how to relates to your thinking. Do you see what others miss or do you miss what others see?

One of the magical things about life, is we all have a unique perspective and see things differently. It is that different point of view that can encourage new modes of thinking and forms of behaving that can add spice to our world. It is very easy to close your mind to other ways of perceiving the world around us, limiting the potential and richness available to us all.

We can only know what we have experienced, all else is speculation. Architecture is the same, experiencing the sensation of being inside something is vastly different from imagining a space that doesn't exist yet.

Opening your eyes to a different point of view can unleash a level of architectural perception in ways you never before imagined, adding immeasurably to the architectural experience.

By being open to hearing how others see the world, new horizons appear where before only the tree line was visible.

To help you along your way, be it with your architect, your friends or anyone else you may choose to share your point of view with, have's a couple of things to consider:

Be open to expect the unexpected, and allow new thoughts to flow before defining your own parameters.

Remember parameters only come from the limitations of our own experience and knowledge. Others have experienced things that could offer some wonderful insight.

Allow yourself to challenge and be challenged. You can’t be right all the time, surely? Enter into some robust discussions and be open to some collaborative problem solving.

Don’t be afraid to throw away a good idea. Although it might be awesome, it may also be the one hindering the exploration of even more awesome ideas. Be prepared to let go and 'see' where it takes you, Have kaleidoscopic eyes – step back and see things from multiple perspectives - this is critical thinking and involves not letting 'trend or fashion' be the only benchmarks. By understanding how these factors limit your viewpoint, you can then fully comprehend what you are looking at and embrace its opportunities.

It is this process that offers new insights into the potential of the architectural space, how they are used, how they feel and how we respond to them. Take a look around you, try to see the buildings and spaces that you experience, with different eyes. You never know, it might just change your perspective.